Crawler CCTV Video Pipe Inspections

Video Camera Pipe Inspections – See Also: Push Video Camera Pipe Inspections

Crawler CCTV Video Pipe Inspections, for pipes 4″-48″ and up to 1,000 feet in length. Accomplished by introducing a “Closed Circuit Television” (CCTV) robotic crawler to locate, inspect and video record their condition. The crawler, walking in the pipe, records high definition inspection video and stores it onto the control unit. When a defect in the pipe is identified, we can type text onto the screen and the default information is overlaid on the video. The real time information of the crawler status can be displayed by adjusting the functional buttons, including pitch angle, pressure, distance, date and time etc.

small and large pipe video camera crawler systemslowering cctv crawler camera down man hole to start pipe inspectionhome schematic showing sewer pipes


Manufacturers video of the Crawler Video Camera System we use.



technician lowering a crawler cctv video camera down a manhole
crawler cctv video camera in a manhole ready to deploy
technician viewing the  cctv video and directing the crawler


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