Scanning Concrete Via Radar to Locate Rebar


Are you looking to excavate or expand upon existing construction? Do you need help identifying where rebar is located so you do not compromise the integrity of the foundation? From elevated slabs to concrete piers, we can use our ground penetrating radar equipment to identify the specific location of rebar.


Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment sends pulses into concrete to provide exact geophysical locations of rebar. Not only is this equipment safe to use, but it’s fast and reliable. With our rebar locator, you get information in real-time, ensuring you can get to work as quickly as possible.

Specifically, through the use of our GPR systems, we can:

  • Locate safe places to drill
  • Reduce the need for patching
  • Maintain structural integrity

To ensure the complete safety and integrity of your project, we can draw grids on the concrete you need to drill or core into. This helps to avoid mistakes, thereby protecting your project’s timeline.

At C-N-I Locates Ltd., located in and serving Western Washington State, we work with construction professionals and concrete contractors to assist with a variety of rebar locating needs using our radar systems.