Underground Utility Mapping Services in Oregon (Eugene & Portland) and Washington State (Everett, Renton, Seattle, & Tacoma)

Identification of Public and Private utilities: Field mark utilities in a specified area for the purpose of preliminary engineering and planned development.
Utility Mapping

Underground Utility Mapping

Underground Utility Mapping uses the principles of geophysics to detect, locate, identify and investigate buried utilities.

Utility Design Surveys provide underground utility mapping to update utility plans to ensure that our clients can carry out safe intrusive work. We employ the techniques of Radiodetection (electromagnetics) and ground penetrating radar to locate and mark utilities. The depth of investigation will depend on the conditions of the site. In general, Radiodetection and ground penetrating radar techniques will detect services up to 10-15’ below the ground surface. The depth of penetration of radar can be increased but often at the expense of resolution.

Radiodetection uses the principles of electromagnetics to detect underground utilities. This principle works on the basis that a current flowing along a conductor creates a magnetic field which extends around the conductor in concentric circles. A receiver coil can be used to detect the amplitude of this magnetic field. The amplitude varies depending on the position and orientation of the receiver within the field. The amplitude is at a maximum when the receiver is in line with the field and directly above the conductor. Moving the receiver from side to side it is possible to follow the maximum signal response and, therefore, the line of the buried service.

Surveying in the traced services

As the survey progresses the positions of the detected services are marked unobtrusively onto the ground surface. Utility marking is done in the form of paint, pin flags, stakes, or any other method they request. The coordinates of these points can be surveyed using a total station allowing quick and accurate transfer into AutoCAD.

Why Accuracy Is Important in Utility Mapping

Locational accuracy of finding underground utility lines is essential to the development of new construction as well as the integrity of current construction. Utility owners, engineers, contractors and surveyors need accurate information as a reference for excavation to ensure that no mishaps will occur.

Utility Mapping

What Utility Mapping Reveals

Accurate underground utility maps allow everyone involved in a construction project to see the distribution of utility lines such as pipes, cables for electric, telecoms, gas and water mains, etc., to avoid potential problems. Subsurface utility mapping provides essential information for developers who need to know where utilities are coming from, along with information that details whether the current supply will be sufficient for the quality of life for residents.

Maps that detail the distribution of utility lines allow a builder to come up with solutions backed up via sound technology to make their development attractive to potential owners or residents. Using accurate utility maps to delineate the accurate distribution of utility lines will also decrease the cost of developments, leading to overall greater profits for any construction projects.

Benefits of Detailed Reports

Sample Mapping Files

Download Google Earth Pro to view mapping files.