jazmine penberthy

Apr 26 2022

CNI Locates had a great website that helped inform me about their services before calling them. They were able to answer all my questions on the phone. They told me that they could schedule me for the next day within 24 notice Monday through Friday, for their standard services. They provided me their service rates and field office locations they bill from and back to (Tacoma, Renton, Seattle, and Everett). After scheduling the appointment, the technician called me in route to my house to give me an estimated time of arrival. When the technician was finished he personally showed me everything that he found and passed along any limitations/concerns that he had. It turns out that we had a buried plastic conduit, that we didn’t know about. CNI was able to insert the line to see where it went. Now we are able to use that empty conduit to run irrigation under our driveway. The technician was very honest and helpful. I would highly recommend them to any one looking for leak detection, metallic line detection, non metallic pipe detection, video camera pipe inspections, utility mapping and design surveys, electrical ground fault detection, concrete and structural imaging, ground penetrating radar, and magnetic detection.