Master Mind

Apr 26 2022

I have been working with this company for around three years. During my time with this company I have really come to love the levels of professionalism and dedication that is present at every level from field techs, to management, all the way up the chain right to the ownership. Having worked in many fields in my life, I have never seen the level of cooperative involvement that is now present now within my daily life. Everyone is here to make sure that everyone else succeeds. My opinions and ideas matter to the management staff. All of my scheduling needs have been met giving me an excellent work/life balance. All of my teammates exude amazing levels of professionalism and expertise. Working here makes it easy to come in to work, instead of dreading another work day. The work itself is never dull or monotonous, as every day brings a new puzzle to uncover and a new challenge to overcome. I say this with all honesty, this is the greatest opportunity that I have ever found within my field. I am both thankful and grateful for every chance offered to me as I have excelled within my position here with the company. Thank you CNI. Every single one of you guys and gals absolutely rock!! I would give you six stars if able.