Mike R.

Apr 26 2022

We used them to locate some water lines at our church so we could safely dig for some new retaining walls. Not only did they find the locations of all of the lines we knew we needed to know about, they found another buried line we were completely unaware of, and that could have been a major problem.

They were super helpful, and gave us some very good information up front, including the limitations of the ground penetrating radar and a simple-but-effective technique for locating a plastic water line, if we had needed to do either of those things. Fortunately, in our case, we had all metal water lines (one copper, one galvanized steel), so they were quite easy to locate without any problems.

if you need to locate a water line or other buried utility line between your meter and your house, I would strongly recommend using them to find it before you dig, in addition to the normal “call before you dig” utility locates that you are required by law to do. It’s well worth the money – hitting a water line or other buried utility when digging can get very expensive to repair, very quickly. Their basic locating cost is not that expensive, and they are very up front with details and ways to save money all while getting you the best possible location data once they are onsite.