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Underground Utility Locating Services

C-N-I Locates provides underground utility detection and inspection services in Western Washington with field offices conveniently located in Seattle, Tacoma and Renton. We pride ourselves in detecting the location of those hard to find subterranean lines and wires, as well as faulted electrical services, leaking water pipes, video sewer services, insert transmitters into non-metal pipes and image concrete to identify reinforcing materials located beneath the surface. When you need assistance to locate or inspect any public or private underground utilities on your residential home or commercial property please reference our array of services available.

Underground Utility Locating and Inspecting Services

Utility Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Identification of liquid, gas and air leaks: Utilizing electronic, acoustical and thermal imaging equipment to identify leaks.


Metallic Line Detection

Identification of metallic underground utilities with electrical continuity: Utilizing electronic transmitters and receivers to locate Electrical, Phone, Gas, TV, Sewer, Water, and Storm etc.

gpr service

Ground Penetrating Radar

(GPR) is a low frequency geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface: This non-destructive safe method uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band (UHF/VHF frequencies) of the radio spectrum, and detects the reflected signals from subsurface utilities and structures.

Use Ground Penetrating Radar to Detect:
Duct BanksUnderground VoidsSeptic SystemsUnderground Storage Tanks (UST’s)

Non-Metallic Pipe Detection

Non-Metallic Pipe Detection

Identification of non-metallic utilities: Inserting a variety of locating devices IE… Electrician’s fish tape, insulated wire or electronic Beacons, then verifying their locations with electronic receivers up to depths of 100′.

Concrete / Structure imaging GPR

Concrete & Structure Imaging

(GPR) is a high frequency geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image floors, walls and ceilings: Used to locate rebar, plastic and metal conduits, locate and estimate depth of post-tension cables, determine cover depth, detect deterioration, discover voids, detect current carrying cables, etc.

See Also: Locating RebarPost Tension CablesConduitsSlab ThicknessDetecting VoidsConcrete Cover Assessment


Utility Mapping & Design Surveys

Identification of Public and Private utilities: Field mark utilities in a specified area for the purpose of preliminary engineering and planned development.

Electrical Ground Fault Locating

Electrical Ground Fault Locating

Identification of electronic ground faults: Utilizing a Multi Meter, Electromagnetic Transmitter and Receiver with A-frame to identify the precise location of electronic ground faults.

video pipe inspection

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Video camera inspection of utilities: Inserting video cameras & electronic beacons to locate, inspect and digitally video record the condition of the facilities & pipes ranging from 1.5”-48″ and up to 1,000′ in length. Services; Push Video Camera and Crawler CCTV Camera.

Magnetic Detection

Magnetic Detection

Identification of ferrous and non-ferrous metals: Utilizing Magnetic Locators to identify multiple types of utilities IE… Well casings, Septic tanks, Manhole covers, Iron pipes, Survey/Omni markers, Valve boxes, Steel drums, and Fuel storage tanks, Etc.